We will solve your problem with waste dumping and supply a cost-effective alternative to the primary raw material.

Lower waste disposal costs, reduced input costs

We will reduce waste disposal costs by up to 30%

Waste collected


Slags from arc furnaces

Ladle slags

Slags from cupola furnaces

Slags from induction furnaces

Foundry sands

Sands from cores

Sands from regeneration

Refractory linings

Fireclay linings

Andalusite linings

Corundum linings - refractory concrete

Chromium magnesite linings

Magnesium carbon linings

Slide valves

Wastes containing iron


Blasting wastes

Wastes from grinding plant

Wastes from incineration

Supplied raw materials


Send us your inquiry today. We will happily discuss the best way of processing your slag.

About Destro

Destro is a family business with 30 years of experience in turning waste into material.

Our headquarters is located in Kladno near Prague, the Czech Republic.

We source waste material from steel mills, ironworks and foundries and recycle it into a valuable material used in the production of metals, building materials and construction.

We also utilise our competencies in the form of waste treatment services in premises of our customers around the world.

We really value a healthy and pleasant environment. We believe that everything we do contributes to this core value.