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Žďár nad Sázavou

ŽĎAS Metalurgie has been our partner for 30 years. We collect used foundry sands, slag and refractory linings and significantly reduce both waste processing costs and the environmental impact in the heart of the Vysočina region.

We mainly supply steel and cast iron ingots, refractory repair materials and slag additives to ŽĎAS. We help reduce the cost of raw materials and increase production efficiency.

Ing. Martin Balcar, Ph.D. – Head of Operations Ocelárna a Ingotárna ŽĎAS, a.s.:
“Long-term cooperation with Destro brings us significant economic benefits in savings from landfilling used materials and the benefits of converting them into recycled raw materials usable in our steel production.”



Cooperation with Metso Outotec lasts more than 5 years. We remove waste slag, blasting sands, metal scales and refractory linings from the plant in Přerov. We recycle all the collected material and turn it into secondary raw materials.

We supply Metso with a refractory material, magnesium carbon for lining repairs and SlagAl for adjusting the chemical composition of slag.

Čeněk Šlachta – Environmental manager
“Destro is a very flexible partner with whom we cooperate in waste management and in the supply of raw materials for production. Destro also provides logistics for bulk materials, including storage in the DestroBlok system on the premises of our plant, which they have developed with our needs in mind.”


Nový Bydžov

We remove slag and sand from blasting from the Kasi foundry in Nový Bydžov. We store and transport materials in containers, thus reducing dust in the foundry’s operation.

Ing. Pavel Hesoun – Technical director of the foundry
“Destro has helped us reduce the cost of disposing of waste from our foundry. We do not have to dump waste and, in addition to the financial aspect, we reduce the burden on the environment by recycling waste materials. We appreciate that Destro has demonstrated a high degree of flexibility and has met our stringent requirements for dusty operations and handled waste management with containers.”

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